Subbuteo Figure World Cup 1982
The Official UK & Eire Programme of the 1982 World Cup, consists of 80 pages of pre WorldUK Espana 82 Programme Cover Cup run down. Each team has a couple of pages each with details of their respective jouneys and general World Cup history.

It opens with a brief greeting from the King Of Spain accompanied by a possible cut out and keep full page photo.
I picked up my copy of this from Ebay for a mere £1.00 but it does include some very half hearted filling in of squads and scores along with comments in brackets next to their names, eg '1. Alan Rough (Oh No)'.

One of the most amusing aspects of it now, are the adverts which are scattered throughout its pages. In particular a JVC full page ad showing off their latest inovations including the top loader VCR.

So far I've also managed to pick up a copy of the Arabic version too, which looks to be pretty much the same except it's obviously in Arabic and it reads fom back to front.
The Arabic version also has some nice reprints of the official posters for Espana 82 (as in the Panini Sticker Book) some of which are quite bizarre.

England 82 Espana 82 Arab Programme Scotland 82