I've been playing music since 1991 and started to take it into a more serious path in 2001 after bringing a Sitar back from Jaipur, India.
This made me reengage with playing music, firstly forming the band Interlude, which then morphed into Intermission To Saturn, playing psychedelic/ post rock instrumental music. Alongside this my Sitar playing was improving to the level that I started to perform as a solo artist with that.

My music now mainly falls into three categories: Sitar, performing Indian Light Classical either solo or with a Tabla player, Guitar consisting of Jazz/ Latin and my Flamenco studies and a combination of all of these things alongside electronics for my Ambient & Chillout work.

My music can be found as free to stream or to purchase on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Songtradr, AudioMicro, Pond5 and 123RF.

For live performances, I am public liIbility insured up to £2,000,000 and all equpment is PAT tested.


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