About Me

My name is Neil Donoghue and I'm a musician, artist, maker and restorer of things, Subbuteo fan and occasional DJ.
I work as a Technical Woodwork Instructor at DeMontfort University and I live in Leicester, UK.

My musical work covers a number of styles, including the Indian Classical Sitar, which I've played since 2001,Guitar which incorporates Jazz, Latin & Flamenco and Ambient/ Chillout work, with electronics, guitar and sitar.

All of my musical and mini film activities can be followed at my Facebook page and on my YouTube Channel

I have worked as an illustrator over the years and now sell stock images via Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Vector Stock and produce some bespoke design and illustration work. 

Should you wish, you can follow all my musical and making activities via Instagram at neil_donoghue_1970 or find out more by browsing this site
. 1982 World CupSubbuteo Tournament

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