Sitar at Charney Manor


Frequently Asked Questions

If we book you, what do we need to provide?
The only thing we need is a mains electricity socket very close by (so we're not trailing wires across the floor) and space in which to play!
A purpose built raised stage area is best, but failing that a corner of a room next to a mains socket will suffice. Our stage gear includes electrical equipment and heavy speakers/ amps on stands. This should be treated with respect and given space (around 2x3 metres).
We provide our own appropriate cushions, floor coverings and amplification.

Can you provide proof of PAT Testing and Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, the PAT test certificate can be viewed here
And the Public Liability Cover can be viewed here

Do you wear Indian clothing?
Yes, we always wear traditional Indian clothing unless otherwise requested.

Does the Sitar need amplification?
99.9% of the time, yes. The Sitar is quite a quiet instrument, so in any large room with a crowd of people talking, the sitar will soon be drowned out. We can provide amplification in 150W or 300W formats.

Can you play outdoors?
Certainly, providing we have a source of electricity for the amplification and the electrical equipment is covered in case of a sudden rain shower.

What songs do you play?
We perform music in the Indian Classical style, which means improvising around Raags (see here for a detailed explanation of Indian Classical Music) so there aren't any 'songs' as such.
As a result we compose music in real time and every performance we do is unique. Hence, Indian Classical performers don't have sheet music in front of them like their Western counterparts.