About Me

My name is Neil Donoghue and I'm a musician, artist, maker of things and occasional DJ.
I work as a Media & Creative Arts Technician at WQE 6th Form College and I live in Leicester, UK.

I've been playing the Sitar since bringing one back from Jaipur, India in 2001 and since 2007 I've been playing at events around the Midlands and beyond.
My musical interest of recent years has been the Cuban Tres (or Tres Cubano in its native Spanish) which has 6 strings arranged in 3 pairs (hence the 'Tres' or 'Three', name). Find out more details by clicking on the Music link below.
I also play in a jazz/ loungecore duo and I'm currently getting to grips with Flamenco guitar.
All of my musical activities can be followed at my Facebook page

I have worked as an illustrator over the years and now sell stock images via Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Vector Stock and produce some bespoke design and illustration work.

Should you wish, you can follow all my activities via Instagram at neil_donoghue_1970 or find out more by browsing this site

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